How much does Notary Charge ?

GKG Notary Fees

We have a min set fee of £80 plus VAT £16.00 Total £96.00 per document/signature required

The Professional Notary will personally oversee, seal and copy the document to comply with the Law.

VAT is charged on Notary fees.

Obviously depending upon the complexity and amount of documents you require to be Notarised will determine the overall cost.

I can provide a detailed costing upon request for more complex issues.

But please feel at ease that i will endeavour to provide you with the best deal possible, along with genuine helpful advice.

After all my client’s referrals are what keeps this business successful.

– Notarisation

– Legalisation

– Company Documentations

– Verification of Identity Documents

– Transfer of Title & other Deeds

Power of Attorney


– Statutory Declaration

– Adoption & Related Documents

– Education/University Certificates

– Travel Consents


– Any other Notarial Matters

Shipping Documents & Ship Protests

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For all other costs for the services we provide, please contact us for a quotation using the contact us page GKG Notary | ICO Reference Number ZA710131