Private Trusts

Private Trusts

Private Family Trusts

GKG Notary London now work with a GB based bespoke Trust and Will writing service.

The Trust Works

View their web site – here.

Having a well constructed Trust is not only a very prudent thing to do, in the times we find ourself’s in they can often be a necessity to protect your assets. 

You will find plenty of information on their web site and if you have further questions or would like a Private Trust drafted for you, then they offer a private 1 Hour in-depth Skype consultation for just £49.99, (which will be deducted from any subsequent purchase made with them). 

Trust are a Private matter and contrary to common belief, do not need to be put on the registers of any private companies nor agency’s which effectively give away control of the Trust.

Another important point to remember is, a Trust for probate avoidance, is a lawful, irrevocable, separate legal entity (Harwood vs. Tracy, 118 MA 631), and can also be used to protect your equity from inheritance tax and to protect your equity from the costs of long term care should you require it.

Mr Gupta MBE Notary, will over see the Trust creation and fully Notarise the Certificate of Exemplification that provides proof of the creation of the Deed of Trust in concordance with s.53 of the Law of Property Act 1925, should its existence or validity ever be challenged. 

There was a famous judgment made by Lord Tomlin in the Duke of Westminster case of 1936 when he said: 

“Every man is entitled if he can to order his affairs so that the tax attached under the appropriate acts is less than it otherwise would be”

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